Great feedback, to long for Twitter

Comments: Hi Guys,

Thought i’d drop you a line.

After twisting my ankle in Bulgaria over Xmas and with it not totally
feeling right just before the next trip to Baqueira, Spain (12th Jan). I
ordered two packs of Shinsheilds. Well shame but was not able to skiing
nothing more nursery/green slopes for 2 days worth as ankle to painful.

As ankle was getting better after we returned decided to book another late
deal back to Bulgaria. With ankle strapped and shinshields in place, don the
ski boots grin no twings grin.

The main reason for this note is that I suffer every year from blisters from
ski boot tongue movement as I have small calfs. Some years have been really
bad, have been using a gel shin pad for 6-7yrs but still have minor
blisters. This year only used ShinShields and first time since I started
skiing 13yrs ago (17wks) and probably hardiest skiing (nervous intermediate)
I’ve done, and at end of week not one blister and red mark, except the wording branded on my legs as one morning I put it on the
wrong way round grin

Cheers guys Andy

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