Great feedback

“Just thought that I would let you know that I had a week in Val Thorens from 25 January and used the Shin Shields every day and did not suffer any shin pain at all, nor did I get a sweat rash which is what I used to get from the previous gel shin protectors as well as shin discomfort towards the end of a weeks skiing”.

published by Rich on 2015-02-09


Collecting our new Ski’s from The Blossom Factory. @BlossomSki #Handmade #made in Italy

Shin Shields with other Quality Brands

published by Rich on 2014-11-13

Autumn is a great time of the year for a ride if you have the right kit.

With Assos and Pinarello

Varese, Italy

published by Rich on 2014-11-09

Great feedback, to long for Twitter

Comments: Hi Guys,

Thought i’d drop you a line.

After twisting my ankle in Bulgaria over Xmas and with it not totally
feeling right just before the next trip to Baqueira, Spain (12th Jan). I
ordered two packs of Shinsheilds. Well shame but was not able to skiing
nothing more nursery/green slopes for 2 days worth as ankle to painful.

As ankle was getting better after we returned decided to book another late
deal back to Bulgaria. With ankle strapped and shinshields in place, don the
ski boots grin no twings grin.

The main reason for this note is that I suffer every year from blisters from
ski boot tongue movement as I have small calfs. Some years have been really
bad, have been using a gel shin pad for 6-7yrs but still have minor
blisters. This year only used ShinShields and first time since I started
skiing 13yrs ago (17wks) and probably hardiest skiing (nervous intermediate)
I’ve done, and at end of week not one blister and red mark, except the wording branded on my legs as one morning I put it on the
wrong way round grin

Cheers guys Andy

published by Rich on 2013-12-08

ISPO Advertising

ISPO Advertising

published by Rich on 2013-02-02

Winner of the November Shin Shields Competition

Congratulations to @TheSkiProphet who has been randomly selected to win a free pair of Shin Shields.

For your chance to win the next competition follow us on Twitter @shinshields.

To double your chances Like our Shinshields Facebook page.

published by Rich on 2011-12-03

Further Evidence that Shin Shields using PORON® XRD Technology is the best Shin Protection

Check out this latest test. If PORON® XRD Performance Cushioning can protect this small piece of glass from a hammer.  Just think of the comfort Shin Shields provide the shin / tibia area from the ski boot!

Say Goodbye to Shin Pain While Skiing!

My boots hurt while skiing? - no more!

published by Rich on 2011-11-21

Our 150th Follower on Twitter

Congratulation to Kayleigh@snowboarderklee who became our 150th follower on Twitter.

They have won a Pair of PORON® XRD Performance Cushioning SHIN SHIELDS.

Keep checking our Blog and Twitter pages for our next competition that will be open to all Twitter followers. Tweet to your friends, the more traffic the more free giveaways and competitions we can do.

published by Rich on 2011-11-19

Shin Splints - Shin Pain Skiing - Shin Shields PORON® XRD Performance Cushioning


Check out the quality of PORON® XRD Performance Cushioning used for Shin Shields,  PORON Technology has the best impact properties on the market and is the perfect memory foam for protection the shin/tibia against shin bang and shin splints while skiing.

published by Rich on 2011-11-07

Shin Splints - Shin Pain Skiing?

Shin Pain Skiing - Check out the quality of the New Shin Shields PORON® XRD Performance Cushioning

published by Rich on 2011-11-07

Get a free pair of Shin Shields

Shin Shields has 127 followers in Twitter.  Number 150 will get a free pair of Shin Shields. Follow us now @shinshields!

published by Rich on 2011-10-28

Multi-talented Sam

As well as being a Director at Shin Shields Sam’s also a budding musician. Check him out!

published by Gaz on 2011-10-28


We’ve joined twitter check out what we’ve got to say here

published by Rich on 2011-10-28

New developments

Recently we’ve been researching different materials to see if we can make Shin Shields better than they already are! We love the way that PORON 2000® Material works and makes our product more effective than any of our competitors due to the high sensitivity of it’s absorbing nature, but we wanted to make it even better.

If you’ve already been to the product pages, you’ll have noticed we’ve changed the Shin Shields from green to yellow, that’s because they’re now constructed from PORON® XRD Performance Cushioning. This revolutionary new material has all the properties of PORON 2000® Material but has even more impact absorption, meaning they’re more effective and comfortable.

We’re currently putting a video together to show you how good it is so check back soon.

published by Shinshields on 2010-11-29

Welcome to the new site

This year has seen a lot of new goings on in the world of Shin Shields, from product development to a lot of new suppliers it’s been non-stop. We’ve finally got around to looking at our site and although we love the look of it we wanted to get you - our loyal customers more involved. So, we’ve added a news section.

Here you’ll be able to find out more about Shin Shields on a regular basis, from product information to events, even when it’s Rich or Sam’s birthday! So keep checking back for more news.

published by Shinshields on 2010-11-29

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