How do shin shields work?
The in’s and out’s.

Help to prevent injury and alleviate pain of an existing injury!

Unique construction /
The PORON® XRD Performance Cushioning instantly reacts to impact by absorbing and dispersing energy away from the protected area, preventing bruising and increasing comfort while on the mountain.

Ergonomic shape /
The ergonomic shape has been specially developed to fit the contours of the leg, adding support but more importantly comfort.

Depth is everything /
Shin Shields are 3mm thick which after months of testing was found to be a perfect thickness to completely protect the shin without affecting the performance of the boot. The new design reduces the depth from 3mm in the centre to 1mm around the edge. This helps to ease the pressure around the edges further increasing comfort.

Double sided design /
The anti-friction surface next to the skin reduces rubbing and pulling from indirect and shock impact such as falls and landings, helping prevent injury to the lower leg. The outer surface creates friction against the sock keeping the Shin Shield in place.

Continue to ski with surface bruising /
Once bruising starts it will only get worse if you continue skiing. Shin Shields can help to combat this by making a non-contact area around the bruise. By cutting a hole slightly larger than the affected area into the shields and placing it against the skin, Shin Shields can help to alleviates the contact on the front of the boot without affecting performance. Other Shin Shields can be cut and placed above as needed. All injuries are different and medical advice should always be sort prior to use.

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