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What Skiers Are Saying About Shin Shields

“I do a lot of running and suffer from sore shins. Skiing has been hard for me over the last few years, and I rarely ski a full day because of the pain. Shin Shields has changed this, on my last holiday I was on the slopes all day every day.”

Joanne Jones

Intermediate Skier

“I raced competitively for the national team and teach both Skiing and snowboarding in Tignes. I wear Shin Shields for the first few weeks of the season until my shins get used to the pressure.”

Simon Twigge

Professional / Racer

“Ive grown quite rapidly over the last few years and have experienced a few problems with my shins. Ive found shin shields gave me the extra cushioning I need to ski more of the mountain, for longer.”

Adam Varley

Advanced / Freestyle Skier

“On the first morning of my holiday the rental boots felt really uncomfortable, as my lower leg just wasnt used to the constraints of a ski boot. I tried a pair of Shin Shields and didnt think about my boot for the rest of the holiday.”

Diane Sumner

First Time Skier

A product for skiers – Designed & tested by skiers


A new product for skiers,
designed and tested by skiers

Richard (Director, Shin Shields Ltd) is a professional skier. He has instructed all over the world, but has been plagued with an on-going shin splint injury especially when skiing. Shin Shields have completely rejuvenated his career. He has managed to return to instructing and coaching in Val d lsere France. He is always striving to improve techniques and equipment.

Sam (Director, Shin Shields Ltd) is a talented skier and one of the youngest Brits ever to qualify to teach and coach in France. Along with Shin Shields he also runs his own ski school in Courchevel and plays music in his spare time.

Lara (Sales, Shin Shields Ltd) has joined the team at Shin Shields. Lara raced at a national level in Italy until a serious crash ended her career. She now instructs and coaches based in Val d Isere and Courchevel, France. She is always striving to improve techniques and equipment.

The Shin Shields team have been involved in the Ski industry for many years. This experience is the driving force behind the development of Shin Shields and Shield Thermal Protection, making skiing comfortable for people of all abilities.

Together with podiatrist Jilly Burrows the team hope to make bruised shins and shin splints a thing of the past.


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Product Information

Say goodbye to shin pain
Shin Shields are designed to help prevent discomfort caused by the impact and pressures encountered when wearing ski boots.

175mm x 125mm. 3mm thick graded to 1mm around the edged to reduce pressure. One size fits all.

PORON® XRD Performance Cushioning

Shock Absorbing, Anti Friction, Breathable link to the Science of impact protection sheet

Technical information
The PORON® XRD Technology construction instantly reacts to impact by absorbing and dispersing energy away from the protected area, preventing bruising and increasing comfort while on the mountain. The anti-friction surface next to the skin reduces rubbing and pulling from indirect impact, such as falls and landings helping to prevent internal injury to the lower leg


The polypropylene packaging is made using waste materials and is 100% recyclable

More Information
Click here to learn more about the The Science of Impact protection

Shin Tech

How shin shields work, The ins and outs
Helping to prevent injury and alleviate pain of an existing injury!

Unique construction
The PORON® XRD Performance Cushioning instantly reacts to impact by absorbing and dispersing energy away from the protected area, preventing bruising and increasing comfort while on the mountain

Ergonomic shape
The ergonomic shape has been specially developed to fit the contours of the leg, adding support but more importantly comfort.

Depth is everything
Shin Shields are 3mm thick which after months of testing was found to be a perfect thickness to completely protect the shin without affecting the performance of the boot. The new design reduces the depth from 3mm in the centre to 1mm around the edge. This helps to ease the pressure around the edges further increasing comfort.

Double sided design
The anti-friction surface next to the skin reduces rubbing and pulling from indirect and shock impact such as falls and landings, helping prevent injury to the lower leg. The outer surface creates friction against the sock keeping the Shin Shield in place.

Continue to ski with surface bruising
Once bruising starts it will only get worse if you continue skiing. Shin Shields can help to combat this by making a non-contact area around the bruise. By cutting a hole slightly larger than the affected area into the shields and placing it against the skin, Shin Shields can help to alleviates the contact on the front of the boot without affecting performance. Other Shin Shields can be cut and placed above as needed. All injuries are different and medical advice should always be sort prior to use.

PRICE £19.99

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