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Too much snow in Val d’Isere so into the river it goes….

Happy New Year Everyone!

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The Cave in La Grande Motte Glacier, Tignes

The Cave in the Tignes Glacier

Who remembers the cave in La Grande Motte Glacier?  Made in 2004, I’m Guessing it disappeared about 12 years ago…..

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November – Truffle season

This white truffle should last a few weeks!

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The Snow has Started

The Snow has Started across the Alps.  Our second home in Val d’Isere is getting it’s fair share:

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Winter is almost here!

Winter is almost here and our new website is now up and running!

Shinshields Banner

Big thanks to Lynn Mill for our new amazing banner photo!

Please Like, Love, Tweet and Share away.


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The First Signs of Winter, Starting to get excited!

The first signs of the winter season are here.  The leaves falling off the trees, the nights drawing in and our annual trip to the Blossom Ski Factory in Chiavenna, Italy to pick up our test skis for the winter.

This year we went for the All mountain White Out and Wind Shear Models.

Check them out at:


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